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Designing a New Kitchen? Here Are the Top Kitchen Styles to Choose From

Designing a New Kitchen? Here Are the Top Kitchen Styles to Choose From

If you are planning to give your kitchen a makeover, the first thing you will want to decide upon
is a style. There are a number of key design styles that you can consider, and here are the most
popular along with what each includes.

Modern Style

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This is a very popular style that is distinguished by its clean and sleek appearance. Work surfaces are
often made from granite, quartz or materials such as Corian and appliances are typically large and
made from stainless steel, often in the style of the appliances you might find in a professional kitchen.
Lighting and hardware is often metal, with stainless steel being a popular choice. LED lighting also
gives a contemporary touch to illuminate various areas of the room.

In a modern kitchen the aim is to create a sophisticated, cool and clean look without going so far that the
appearance is cold and stark. Often the latest design trends are used, and features such as sconce lighting
give it a streamlined and desirable edge. High gloss doors and cabinets are part of the look and bold
colours, often contrasting to a lighter dominant colour, are also common.

Traditional Style

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The traditional kitchen style is characterised by warmth and a classic, slightly rustic appearance. Old
furniture, especially of timber construction, is common. Painted timber is often used for cabinets,
tables and chairs and used timber, perhaps even salvaged, is also popular for specific features or focal

Hardware is often made from rustic metal, especially warmer metals like brass, which helps to create
a traditional feel. Antique plates and cutlery are also popular, as are old ceramics. If you can find any
genuine antique items, or have some in your collection, they will look right at home and give the
kitchen an authentic feel. Old paintings can also look great on the walls.

For the floor, stone tiles are popular, especially natural stone like slate. You may also want to focus on
traditional appliances such as an AGA instead of a cooker.

Country Style

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Country style kitchens are similar to some of the more rustic traditional kitchens, and there is some
crossover. However, country style may place more focus on light colours like white and blue, and it
strives to create a light and airy feel. Floral patterns are popular in the curtains, wallpaper and
decorations, and timber furniture is again popular. Large, rustic items of crockery are also used, and
wooden beams can create the perfect finish to the room.

Eclectic Style

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The eclectic style comprises a whole range of styles in a mix-and-match format. This is a more casual
approach, but you should ensure you have a unified theme throughout.

Use a colour palette to maintain cohesiveness, and try to avoid mixing too many styles. For example,
don't make every cabinet door a different style, but perhaps opt for one style for floor cabinets and
one style for wall cabinets. Or you could choose timber as your main material, but mix it up by using a
light and a dark tone.

Try to be experimental, and add some more unusual features and details and accessories to reflect
your personality, which is the fun of choosing the eclectic style.

Shaker Style

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Shaker kitchens offer a timeless design that works equally as well in both a contemporary or more
traditional setting. Whatever the setting, the values of this style will give the room an honest, simple
and functional appearance. Quality materials and craftsmanship, inherent to shaker design, also mean
that this type of kitchen exudes a subtle sense of luxury without needing to shout too loudly.

Traditionally crafted from wood, shaker kitchens are also available in a painted or coloured finish;
combining different colours with one another, or using colour alongside bare wood, is a popular way
to use the Shaker style in a contemporary way.

Transitional Style

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The transitional style blends the old with the new, but it can be tricky to get it right as there are no
defining rules about what exactly creates the look. It involves choosing a traditional style overall with
the addition of modern elements, or doing the reverse. It can be difficult to define because it is
essentially what you want it to be, and in this sense it is similar to the eclectic style.

It may include traditional elements right alongside something more modern, and it avoids being too
stark or contemporary. Or you might have a kitchen that is all one colour, but then mix it up with
different finishes and extra details.

Choose Your Style and Get Designing

After deciding on a budget, choosing a style should be the first step when you start to plan to a
new kitchen project. Have a think about the different options, what works best for your personal
style and what will suit your property.

If you want to discuss the different styles of kitchen that are available or have any queries about
kitchen design, get in touch with Online Kitchens UK on 01242 523879.