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11 Ways To Make Space In A Small Kitchen

11 Ways To Make Space In A Small Kitchen

Natural Light

Allowing more natural light into your kitchen will instantly make the space feel brighter and more spacious. Use minimal window dressings, or think about installing larger windows if space allows.

Light Colours

Choose white or cool, light shades for an open and airy feeling that will make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is. To the human eye, cool tones appear to recede which makes walls and surfaces seem further apart.

Reflective Surfaces

Opting for reflective surfaces enables light to move around the room and can help to make the space feel brighter and larger. Consider using polished porcelain floor tiles, high gloss cabinets and a reflective or gloss splashback to help bring a feeling of openness to a small space.

Create an illusion with flooring

Large format floor tiles create an optical illusion and will make a small space look bigger compared to using smaller tiles. If you're going for wooden flooring, lay the boards in the direction of the shortest wall to help visually stretch the dimensions and make the space seem larger.

Use the walls

Open shelving can make your kitchen feel more airy and spacious, so can be a good option in a small kitchen instead of closed wall cabinets. Just make sure you keep the shelves tidy and organised. Walls can also be used to hang pots, pans, knives and utensils - freeing up space on a worktop.

Smart Storage

Think about how you use the kitchen and the items you need to store, then look for storage that best suits your needs and lifestyle. There are a huge range of cleverly designed integrated storage solutions available to help you keep drawers and cupboards well organised, letting you make the most of the space available and keeping your kitchen tidy and clutter free.


Mirrors are often used by interior designers as a simple way to add a feeling of light and space to a room. Whilst they may not be as commonly associated with the kitchen as with other areas of a home, a mirror can really help to open up the space and inject a little extra personality at the same time. They are best used near seating areas or on unused walls where they are less likely to pick up splashes from cooking and washing.

Clever Furniture

If space is at a premium, don't waste it by trying to squeeze in large pieces of furniture that are unused for most of the day, or are only used occasionally to accommodate guests. Instead look for furniture which can be used as needed. Extending tables, tables that fold down from the wall and chairs that can be stacked all help to save space without sacrificing having somewhere to eat and entertain.

Go Open Plan

If you are able to, opening up the kitchen either by building an extension or by removing walls between other rooms such as a dining or living room, enables you to create a beautiful and spacious open plan contemporary kitchen area, perfect for all the family.

Mix Cabinet Sizes

Reduced depth cabinets enable you to fully utilise the space available in your kitchen where regular sized cabinets wouldn't fit. Used in combination with standard cabinets, they can provide a significant amount of useful extra storage and workspace.


Lighting used in a number of different 'zones' helps to draw the eye around the room, giving a much better feeling of space than a single lighting source which pools the light in one area. Backlit shelving units and under cabinet downlighting let you see clearly to work, and also eliminate the shadows that make the room feel smaller.

Published on Thursday, 8th October am 9:17am