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The kitchen designer

The kitchen designer

How to design the kitchen of your dreams

So you have perused all the 'Homes' magazines, searched Pinterest every evening and you have gathered lots of information and seen many pictures of what you might like in your kitchen. However none of them are quite what you had in mind! A bit of this and a suggestion of that, but how do you pull it all together into the perfect kitchen for you?

This is where your kitchen designer is invaluable. A good designer will have a vast experience of many different kitchen layouts and will immediately know about the common pitfalls in a design. They will be able to make practical suggestions to overcome difficulties and will have the detailed knowledge of the different kitchen ranges to help you make decisions. Being able to speak with them face to face is helpful but not essential, as with todays technology a conversation through email can be just as efficient.

Points to remember

  • Gathering a few ideas before you begin the process will help avoid being overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available. 
  • Decide what you are prepared to compromise on and what is non negotiable in your ideal kitchen.
  • Be open to new suggestions, remember your designer has done this many times before.
  • If your designer seems disinterested or is too pushy, walk away - it is your kitchen and your money that is paying for it!

Published on Thursday, 25th June pm 1:08pm